Album: Various Artists, Our Dreams Are Our Weapons (Network)

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This compilation of songs from the recent revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt confirms both the enduring power of music and the more positive aspects of the internet when music is decoupled from business.

Tracks written in the midst of the upheavals, such as Zohra Lajnef's singalong "Tounis Hurra" ("Free Tunisia") and Hany Adel & Amir Eid's U2-esque rock anthem "Sawt El Horreya" ("The Voice of Freedom"), quickly racked up millions of YouTube visits. The stylistic diversity – from folk to rock, traditional oud songs to hip-hop rants – bodes well for the hoped-for social and cultural diversity to come. And in rapper El General's "Rais Lebled" ("Head of the Country") – which saw him briefly imprisoned – there's a welcome reminder of hip-hop's power as bush telegraph.

DOWNLOAD THIS: Rais Lebled; Sawt El Horreya; Ezzay?; Revelation