Album: Various Artists, Soul Food (Trikont)


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In the pantheon of pop stimuli, food has always run a close second to sex.

Packaged here with a recipe book, the titles collected on Soul Food reflect the cheap-cuts cuisine involved: "Chittlins Pt 1", "Roast Possum", "Fried Neck Bones and Some Homefries", and Andre Williams' definitive "Pig Snoots". Ranging historically from the mouth-watering mid-Sixties delights of Wendy Rene's "Bar-B-Q" and Bo Diddley's "Soul Food" to RZA's more recent rap reflection on the poverty diet of "Grits", they all share the formula of rasping wah-wah guitar, churning organ and funky percussion in the Meters/MGs style.

Download: Soul Food; Pig Snoots; Bar-B-Q; Greasy Spoon