Album: Various Artists: The Journey Is Long: The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project (Glitterhouse)


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A follow-up to the earlier Jeffrey Lee Pierce tribute album, We Are Only Riders, this likewise derives from rehearsal tapes discovered by Pierce's friend Cypress Grove.

It's a variable set, ranging from the footstomping country-blues of Hugo Race's "I'm Going Upstairs" to Barry Adamson's typically evocative, serpentine arrangement to "I Wanna Be You". Nick Cave's "City in Pain" opens proceedings with a slice of noir moderne funk, carried further by Steve Wynn on a "From Death to Texas" done in rancorous Gun Club style; but of the two versions of "The Breaking Hands", Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan's achingly beautiful treatment has it hands down over Cave and Debbie Harry's more faithfully ragged approach.

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