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Peng Peng, !K7
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Voom Voom is a side project of Peter Kruder (of the Viennese remix/production duo Kruder & Dorfmeister) pairing the chill-out wizard with synthesists Christian Prommer and Roland Appel, of Truby Trio and Fauna Flash. The 11 tracks display Kruder's usual discreet charm, up to a point. "Baby3", the opener, is typical, with the gentle stutter of high-hats, clunk of woodblock, occasional throb of synthesiser and well-chosen piano phrases building to an understated but infectious groove, before being spoilt by the intervention of a vocoder voice urging us to "shake it baby", as if doubtful that the music can move us without words. Which, in its sleek, assured manner, it can. "Roger" is similarly smooth, its loping electro-funk groove strolling between shimmers of string-synth tones. "Bounce" is much punchier, a buzzing techno-stomp in the vein of Daft Punk. "Sao Verought" bridges the styles, with rasping electro-farts set against a translucent string pad. More intriguing are the acid-house squelches of "Keep the Drums Out" and the cool groove of "Best Friend", where electric piano accompanies a series of vocal squawks.

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