Album: Yuck, Yuck (Fat Possum/Pharmacy)

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Three years ago, Daniel Blumberg and Max Bloom were recording tracks for Cajun Dance Party's splendid The Colourful Life in between sitting their A-levels.

With CDP unaccountably failing to capture the public's imagination, they've now moved on to form Yuck, whose unappetising name conceals music that squares a most unusual circle, in rendering joyous a blend of grungey riffs, shoegazey drones and keening guitar hooks. The secret is their infallible way with a tune: tracks such as "Get Away" and the single "Georgia" possess a beguiling melodic charm that illuminates the lo-fi boy/girl vocal delivery of Blumberg and his sister Ilana, bringing uplift where once all might have been gloom. In their lighter, more winsome moments, the gentle arpeggiations and harmonies of "Shook Down" and "Suicide Policeman" recall Teenage Fanclub.

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