Bastille, Somerset House, gig review: Ella Eyre and new song 'Blame' make for energetic set

Dan Smith and his band get a somewhat static crowd dancing in no time

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Never has a frontman said “thank you” as often as Bastille’s Dan Smith.

But judging by the cheers as “Bad Blood” kicks off his band’s sold-out gig in London’s Somerset House, the 28-year-old need not be so self-effacing. 

Second song “Weight of Living Pt. II” cranks the energy up a gear before “Laura Palmer” gets the somewhat static crowd dancing.

Smith takes to the keys on “Overjoyed”, before new song “Blame” offers a darker, heavier and altogether grittier glint of what this London four-piece might unleash next.

Pounding drums look set to return while added guitars inject more ‘oomph’ into their often gloomy sound.

“Things We Lost In The Fire” highlights Smith’s rich vocals before he confirms “Oblivion” as Bastille’s next single from 2013’s Bad Blood.

Excitement heightens when rising star Ella Eyre is brought out as a surprise for energetic TLC mash-up, “No Angels”.

First, she helps the band lead the crowd in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to a mortified Smith, whose Bastille Day birthday inspired their name.

Ella Eyre joined Bastille on stage at Somerset House for 'No Angels'

Not big on stage banter, music’s most reluctant pop star openly prefers to focus all attention on the songs and as little as possible on himself.

Nevertheless, Smith’s determination to connect with fans sees him perform “Flaws” from deep within the crowd, narrowly avoiding suffocation by teenage girls.

He asks the crowd to dance along to “Of The Night” and make him feel “less of an idiot” for his “bad” dance moves which, to everyone else, just look effortlessly cool– another sign of his down-to-earth nature.

Bastille close in the only way they can - with triumphant breakthrough anthem “Pompeii” and people chanting “eh-eh-o-eh-o” long after they leave the stage.