Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, CSNY/Deja Vu Live (Atlantic)

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You might think this is another case of hippie veterans playing their Classic Album. You'd be wrong.

The album from which most of these 16 songs are drawn is Neil Young's Living With War, whose 2006 release was promoted by the reunion tour with Crosby, Stills & Nash. This is, then, the soundtrack to the tour film CSNY/Deja Vu, with iconic selections from his old chums – including "Teach Your Children", "Deja Vu" and a stirring eight-minute centrepiece of "Wooden Ships" – featuring versions of Young's newer songs such as "Shock and Awe".

The effect is to downplay Young's creative vitality compared with his ex-partners, despite none of his new material possessing the impact of those Sixties anthems. It is, however, only Young's tortured lead guitar that animates Nash's "Military Madness". The best track, though, remains the a cappella communion of group and audience on Crosby's opener "What Are Their Names?".

Pick of the album:'What Are Their Names?', 'Wooden Ships'