Culture Club: Glastonbury

Readers review this week's festival featuring Gorillaz, Dizzee Rascal, Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, Muse, Scissor Sisters, MGMT, Laura Marling, The Flaming Lips, Tinie Tempah and The xx
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"I thought the BBC Radio 6 Music coverage of Glastonbury was great. Remind me why they are closing this station?"

Colin Hammond

"Bring back Woodstock? Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards."

Bertil Rogers

"The only teenagers at Glastonbury are posh kids on their gap yah."


"Come on Eavis, you want to be 'non-conformist'? Then why no Reginald Foort at the BBC Theatre Organ? Why no Semprini Serenade? Why no Mantovani? Why no Eric Coates or other light orchestral? Forget the beat, what about some good tunes? No, Glastonbury exists to propagate variations on the 'rock' genre just as does every other motorway service station, shop or garage today. In hock to hip; music for the masses."


"A mockery of what Glastonbury should be... What happened to good British music?... Muse are now a poppy Queen wannabe act and Matt Bellamy added the insult of allowing The Edge to play on his songs! I'd have smacked The Edge with my guitar and then shoved his delay pedal where the sun don't shine and hope that that made him a better guitarist!"

Cory Trevor

"Muse were the best headliners at the festival... Saw four of the Gorillaz songs and decided to go and see The xx instead as they were just too dull."

Helena Brown

"Muse were amazing... Agree that Gorillaz lost their way though."

Chuzz Wozza

"Pet Shop Boys and Groove Armada good, but not great. The rest massively overrated."

Phil Thompson

"Muse were the best headliners that Glastonbury has seen for years; they had the crowd going all night."

George Scrafton

"Meeting Matt Smith, aka Doctor Who, at 3am on Saturday night was the highlight of Glastonbury for me!"

Mungo Bellistre

"Mumford and Sons – brilliant!"

Simon Hutt

"Hot, random, hard work, busy – but completely and totally worth it. Muse put on the best performance by far... "

Chris Brook

"Goddamn that commercial Stevie Wonder, he's absolutely talentless."

Gem Riley

"I reckon that Snoop Dogg's performance was sooo sick! That is, outstanding... "

Jibreel Shakur Tekkwor

"How could they put Muse and the Pet Shop Boys on at the same time on different stages? That's two bands I didn't want to miss, particularly as I'd paid £130 to stand in a crowded field."

Suzanne Lawson

"Standout sets from The Flaming Lips and Gorillaz. Otherwise a horrific commercial exercise. I can remember when festivals were free and lasted for weeks rather than days. Such a shame that capitalism has hijacked what used to be a beautiful sharing of cultures and music."

Bernard Hennin

"Muse were spine-tinglingly fantastic – wow!"

Rachel Catherine


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