Gig review: Pixies, The Roundhouse, London


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What is it? The post-punk pioneers perform live – though without original bassist Kim Deal, replaced by The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck – following the release of their first EP in 22 years.

The Independent says: “Thankfully, very little of the new material gets an airing tonight with Black [Francis, right] sticking to the late Eighties template …. Essentially they’re a quartet of around fiftysomethings thrashing out tunes about teenage concerns in front of an audience (who form a small moshpit) who were, predominantly, toddlers when Pixies were at their most vital. For me, it’s a nostalgia trip and it works a treat. Even without Deal.”

They say: The Guardian: “Pixies’ peerless canon is bulletproof … there’s no denying Pixies’ superlative live impact. Deal or no Deal.” “By dispensing with any between-song chat, and a track running-time average under three minutes, the band knock out nearly 30 songs – with every one a winner … felt as if [they] had never been away.”

You say: @jessicalauraf: “Front row for the pixies!!!! #lifemade”

@vicaviber: “Actually it was all about the drummer for me. Transfixed by him”

@ItsAMilligan: “Can someone call me a doctor? I need to have the smile surgically removed from my face.”