Glastonbury, Worthy Farm, Pilton

Readers review this week's big festival
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"Beyoncé lit up the festival and the UK ... thanks xx Beyonce xx."

Susan Raggs

"Worst thing about it? Hearing the word 'Glasto'. Sadly underlines the fact that a large amount of the population can't cope with words longer than six letters, without an 'O' at the end."

John Kavanagh

"Of the well-known acts I loved Elbow, the Streets and Queens of the Stone Age. I saw Jay-Z a few years ago and that was a triumph – his Mrs left me cold though. She seemed to be trying just a bit too hard for me. New discoveries for me were Janelle Monae and Patrick Wolf – great stuff. Personally I enjoyed both U2 and Coldplay. It is OK to enjoy their music even if they are egotistical idiots."

Andrew Chyba

"Best was Beyoncé and the worst were U2."

Hyder Pirwany

"Without a shadow of a doubt it was The Wombles, who also kindly cleared up after everyone, don't you know!"

Loony Lord Toby Jug

"Paul Simon was quite easily the worst."

Peter Abel

"My favourite moments were: A) when it rained; B) when it ended ... As a brand related marketing symposium, it's morally and ethically corrupt. Rock and roll is not a family event! Turning rebellion into money since 1971!"

Simon Morgan

"The best thing about Glasto this year was watching it on TV, the worst thing was not being there."

G Reg Wells

"U2 were awful, I mean really bad, not that'd you'd know it from much of the mainstream media who acted like they were amazing... I liked Mumford & Sons though!"

Emma Anne James

"Beyoncé's 'Halo' was really beautiful and moving, even though she was a fish out of water at Glasto."

Alexa B

"Club 18-30/Saga holiday for people with a wedge to spend over a weekend."

Mark Evans

"Beyoncé ended her show by saying 'Goodnight y'all, and drive home safe!' Proof, if any was needed, that she had no idea where she was ..."


"Can't agree with bands like Beyoncé or U2 playing at Glastonbury, or is it Glastonberry now? I don't believe in the grand commercialisation that has happened this year ... Elbow were fantastic, great energy from the Kaiser Chiefs. I hope that with next year's break, Glasto returns to its roots in 2013."

Nick Dring

"The day the pretence that Glasto is anything but a commercial endeavour died?"


"Coldplay were truly outstanding. "


"Is Beyoncé a singer or a pole dancer? "


"I was so impressed with Beyoncé managing to throw her very loud voice whilst not moving her face or lips that I now have high hopes that the headliner at the 2013 Glasto will be Roger De Coursey and Nookie bear. "


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