Jenny Lewis, Islington Assembly Hall, gig review: Her confident joie-de-vivre is infectious

The former Rilo Kiley frontwoman oozes rock'n'roll credential on stage

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Dressed in retro flares and a full-length gown, Jenny Lewis cuts an eccentric figure on a childish, dreamlike stage. Inescapably girly, the former Rilo Kiley frontwoman has decorated her band's instruments with My Little Pony themed rainbows and stars.

"Silver Lining" eases the appreciative crowd into her 90 minute gig before "One of the Guys" and "Head Underwater" reaffirm Stevie Nicks comparisons.

Lewis tousles her red hair and straps on an electric guitar for the rockier "Slippery Slopes", only to ditch it for an "old school" solo rendition of "The Moneymaker".

Free to strut her stuff during "Next Messiah", she sips from a mug, blows kisses and throws flowers at fans. Her confident joie-de-vivre is infectious; her rich, honeyed vocals seductive yet understated.

After lowering the pace for poignant lost love song "A Man/Me/Then Jim", Lewis ramps up the energy for "Aloha and the Three Johns", inspired by seeing a man urinate into his own mouth in Hawaii. 

The encore sees the band's girls return for an all-female "With Arms Outstretched", before the whole group comes together on harmony-driven highlight "Acid Tongue".

Set closer "She's Not Me" proves that despite her unapologetic femininity, Lewis oozes rock'n'roll credential in the classiest of ways.