LANY at Gorilla, gig review: Sun-kissed California pop is the perfect pick-me-up for a cold night in Manchester

The band are yet to release their debut album, but the crowd already know most of the songs here

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Los Angeles based three piece LANY bring their catalogue of feel-good pop sounds and relatable lyrics to a sold-out crowd at Gorilla in Manchester.

It’s one of three UK shows in support of their forthcoming self-titled debut album, and it follows an equally sticky outing at Sound Control in the same city last summer.

Airing new material, viral hits and highlights from their three EPs, it’s only the unreleased tracks (“The Breakup, “Purple Teeth” and “It Was Love”) that fans struggle to sing back at a louder volume than frontman Paul Klein.

Seasoned live performers with headlines tours across the US, Europe and their fair share of festivals, including a slot at Reading and Leeds last year; their set is tight and complete with an impressive light show despite the venue’s relatively small size.

As the lights begin to flicker, Klein (vocals, guitar and keys), multi-instrumentalist Les Priest and drummer Jake Goss set the bar high with opener “yea, babe, no way”.

Taken from kinda, la​st year’s EP, this is the release that resonates most with those here tonight.

The stage is drenched in red for “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS”, which sees the band question loneliness in the age of the internet and is received rapturously. “Pink skies” is matched with a similar furore, pink hues and a bouquet of plastic pink roses is waved frantically in the midst of it all.

Rocking wet hair, in an effort to keep cool as the temperatures soar on stage, Klein eventually ties his shoulder length mane up – much to the delight of one audience member who yelled that demand moments earlier.

The final song, “It Was Love”, is the real highlight.

It’s a sprawling second half which may be self-indulgent with its drum solos and keyboard riffs, but it’s entirely necessary as it gives LANY the opportunity and space to showcase their skill; this particular brand of sun-kissed California pop proves the perfect pick-me-up for this cold night in Manchester.