Mac DeMarco, Another One - Album review

Download: The Way You’d Love Her;  Another One; No Other Heart

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Mac DeMarco, the self-proclaimed purveyor of “jizz jazz”, operates at a pace that belies his slacker reputation, with this eight-track mini-album following swiftly on last year’s Salad Days, and mere weeks after his instrumental “BBQ soundtrack” album Some Other Ones.

It’s a genial set, shuffling in on the lovely, watery slide-guitar lines of “The Way You’d Love Her”, and taking time for a brief, Jerry Garcia-esque solo, before the plodding piano chords of “Another One” provide a bed for DeMarco’s impression of Lennon in benign mood. Like several of these songs, it betrays anxieties about a lover’s intentions, as he wonders who that is knocking at her door.

“No Other Heart”, with its electric piano, spindly guitar and throwback yacht-rock tone, provides the most poignant reflection on rejection, before the album closes with the lapping water and cloudy piano chords of the instrumental “My House By the Water”.