Marseille Figs, South London Pacific

No drums, no drums!
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The Marseille Figs, who have journeyed from Berlin, Barcelona and Hackney to play for us tonight, tear straight into "Me and My Monkey" which, despite the fact that they're a three-piece, manages to sound like a rock epic.

The band are an intriguing mix of very old-school skiffle, bluegrass and jazz, with slightly less old-school post-punk. They change instruments with every song, drawing on sax, melodica, flugel horn, accordion, and so on. But most gratifying is the way they create vibrant, driven music without a drummer or drum machine marking out time in the background. Instead, each song is pushed along by a vigorously strummed acoustic guitar or intricately plucked ukulele, and fleshed out by battered brass, wheezing accordion or the cheapest of children's Casio keyboards.

A different approach to live music is always welcome, and an escape from the decades-old dictates of electric guitar and bass - and drums, especially so.