Milky Chance, KOKO London, gig review: A delectable mix of catchy sounds

The future looks promising for this refreshingly unique German duo

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‘Folk, soul and reggae-infused electronica’ sounds like it could be the recipe for a cocktail of corniness, but instead, German duo Milky Chance conjure up a delectable mix of catchy sounds that surpass on-the-fence expectations.

Singer Clemens Rehbein and his DJ school mate Philipp Dausch make for a formidable pairing as "Fairytale" and "Sadnecessary" are early highlights, evoking the vibe of a carefree August night, despite the rain outside.

This is music for the YouTube generation: chart-topping hit "Stolen Dance" started life as a casual upload from a makeshift bedroom studio before hitting the viral big time.

But unlike many other such bands, Milky Chance do not come across as pretentious upstarts. Far from, as their mellow beats and effortless, often deliciously lazy tunes fill the venue with a refreshing, confident ease requiring no superficial gimmicks to impress.

"Flashed Junk Mind" sparks widespread bopping, while "Feathery" and “Loveland” are gentler and more languid, but enjoyably so and in well-timed contrast with more upbeat tracks.

The energy drops for some of the pair's lesser-known songs midway through the 90 minute set, but soon reignites for "Running" and "Down By The River”.

The future looks promising for these two, who come highly-recommended for an addictive, unique shot of summer that will simultaneously excite and chill you right out.