My Fantasy Band: Adam Duritz, Counting Crows

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Vocals - Paul Buchanan
He sings with a Scottish band called The Blue Nile; when I saw them it was probably the most emotional show I've ever been to. My all-time favourite is Ella Fitzgerald, but I've thought about how this band is going to sound together, so Ella's out.

Guitars - Richard Thompson and Ronnie Wood
I don't think anyone can touch Richard on guitar. He has totally different styles acoustically and electrically, but he'll blow your mind with both. Ronnie Wood has played with two of my favourite bands, the Stones and the Faces.

Bass - Paul McCartney
He's an incredible musician. He was originally the band's guitarist but switched. His playing is out of this world.

Organ - Billy Preston
He was all over everyone's records. His work with The Beatles and other stars was huge, just tearing the ass off the organ.

Drums - Bernard Purdie
Another session musician, for the greats. There's this legend he's the drummer on The Beatles' "Let It Be".

Counting Crows tour the UK and Ireland from 7 May; tickets from or www. for Ireland