Plan B, Islington Bar Academy, London

Rapper with fight
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"Shut the fuck up!": Ben Drew - aka Plan B - is an angry young man. With a mouth like a particularly sick and twisted sailor, and the singing voice of a Backstreet Boy, he is also the fastest rising star of UK hip hop. And he plays the guitar. Like all the best ideas, it's pretty weird.

No subject is too close-to-the-bone - from underage sex to depression to murder. "Sick 2 Def" is his call to arms, a manifesto of his X-rated aesthetic. "I talk morbid just to make you feel awkward," he explains, before launching into a jaw-dropping murder story, told backwards from the hearse to the morgue to the blood that "pours up him/rather than down him". The crowd, needless to say, goes wild. And then he tells us to shut up again.

Britain is full of Plan Bs - brought up on a diet of violent films, video games and boredom. But unlike the other boys, Ben Drew's imagination is fuelled, rather than crippled, by his rage. The spirit of punk lives on.