The first and last albums bought by Richard Mcnamara, songwriter and guitarist with Embrace
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Adam & The Ants | Prince Charming

"We had a babysitter who was a bit of a punk so she passed on her less cool albums to my brother and me. That's how I became a fan of Adam & the Ants. We went to a gig of theirs with my Mum and Dad in Leeds. My Grandma had made us jackets with gold braiding and we wore all the make-up. I guess we were eight and 10.

David Axelrod | An Anthology 68-70

David Axelrod is a producer who used to do a lot of work on Reprise, Frank Sinatra's label. It's a stunning album. It's big on strings and arrangements and on breakbeat and mad fuzzy wah-wah guitar. It sounds like contemporary dance music made using old technology. It has a jazzy feel but it's difficult to pigeonhole because there are so many different styles along the way."

Embrace's 'Drawn From Memory' is out now on Virgin Records