The first and latest records bought by Roddy Woomble of idlewild
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The Freewheelin'Bob Dylan Bob Dylan

The Freewheelin'Bob Dylan Bob Dylan

This is such distinctive music: through his expressive voice and the sound of words, you can tell that this is crazy poetry. Dylan has lived his life through art, trying everything, breaking off into new directions after he has been successful in another; few musicians can claim to have created five albums of genius. You never knew what he was going to do next and that's not an attitude that exists in the music industry any more.

Real Life Magazine

Magazine was fronted by ex-Buzzcocks' Howard de Vito; the album had a punk attitude but was bleaker and more jagged. It's important to have longevity and Magazine are still relevant nearly 20 years after they made this record.

I always find that new sounds come from a new style of dancing; this music turns simple beats into a big dance sound you can wind to in a different way.'

Idlewild's new single, 'Actually it's Darkness', is released 27 March