The Fratellis, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied - Album review

Download: Impostors; Me And The Devil

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There are occasional moments of unalloyed pleasure on this, but frankly not near enough to persuade one that The Fratellis reunion was worthwhile. The main attractions are all front-loaded, with “Me And The Devil” opening with some gusto, using a striding piano-pop riff to carry a song about a girl determined to “sell this soul of mine”.

It’s okay, but there’s a sizeable whiff of forced jollity about it. The catchy, country-pop charm of “Imposters” is better, its chipper little guitar hook snagging one’s attentions for a song about duplicitous co-dependency: “You wear your mask, I’ll wear mine/They don’t come cheap but they fit just fine”.

But it’s downhill from there, the trio coasting on Jon Fratelli’s knack for a neat couplet and their magpie knowledge of pop, which extends to “Ghostbusters” on “Thief”, and most larcenously, “Come Together” on “Dogtown”.