The Playlist: Nas and Rick Ross / Machinedrum / Real Life / Thee Oh Sees / Chomp / Yeasayer / Hype Williams


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Nas and Rick Ross - 'Accident Murderers'

Taken from Nas's (right) forthcoming album Life Is Good, this track is something of a return to form. Straight-forward gangster rap, devoid of complication or gimmicks.

Machinedrum - 'Luster'

This latest track from the prolific Berlin-based producer is a six-and-a-half minute blast of hardcore electronica.

Real Life - 'Deeper'

Trippy "end of the night" trance packed with airy synth stabs and gentle rolling drums. The song's video was directed by cult documentary- maker Rollo Jackson.

Thee Oh Sees - 'Lupine Dominus'

Psychedelic garage punk is not the draw it was three years ago, but one gets the impression this San Francisco band couldn't care less about music trends.

Chomp - 'Throw Out Your Wish List'

It may sound as lo-fi as Black Lips, but the decidedly less hip influence of Green Day, NOFX and early Blink 182 abounds on this goofy pop-punk track.

Yeasayer - 'Longevity'

Another teaser track from the band's new album, Longevity borrows makes liberal use dubstep's skittish beats and throbbing basslines.

Hype Williams - 'Stalker 5'

A sinister distorted sample of a gospel singer repeating the phrase "I've been watching you" powers this stripped-down chillwave track.