The Word On... Peter Doherty, the new album

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"'Grace/Wastelands' appears at first to be a slightly disjointed album. However, it becomes apparent that there is one thing linking all the tracks – an honest and genuine outpouring of Doherty's soul." - Lizzie Ennever,

"When Doherty does squirm out from under the comfort zone the result bears remarkable fruit. It's good to see him back creating music. However, 'Grace/Wastelands' leaves you craving that good old free-wheelin' Libertines rock." - snobs

"Doherty flits through genres on his solo album like a junkie discovering what's been buried in his pockets all these years. In a haze of lounge blues, gauzy retro soul and guitar pop, he has made the most compelling record of his career." - Doug Brod,

"There is no desire to write hits, rather to finish songs that have been unfinished for too long. The album is a treat for Doherty's fans and a surprise for his critics; slightly fractured but charming throughout." - Richard Hall,