Tim Norwood, OK Go: My fantasy band

'With Animal on drums, you don’t need anyone else'

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Vocals: Pee-wee Herman

He’s got the imagination, the super sweet dance moves and an iconic suit. Pee-wee is electric. Not to mention that what he says and does between songs is sure to be just as entertaining as what he does while the music is playing.

Drums: Animal from ‘The Muppets’

The bombast, the showmanship, the primal pulse – you almost don’t need anyone else on stage. On top of everything, his guestlist is sure to include Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy and Statler and Waldorf.

Piano & harmonica: Harry Nilsson

Though Harry will play piano and harmonica onstage, he’s really here to be the songwriting genius behind this supergroup.

Bass: Carole Kaye

Carole played bass on probably 85 per cent of the hits recorded in the US in the Sixties and Seventies, as an LA session bassist with the other musicians who came to be known as the Wrecking Crew. You can hear her on “California Girls”, “River Deep – Mountain High” and countless others.

Guitar: Trent Lane

Trent, of fictional grunge band Mystik Spiral in the Nineties cartoon Daria, brings a darkness and, frankly, a kind of streetsmarts garage credibility to this already very impressive line-up. Plus his sister Jane is super-hot.

Maracas & Hype Man: Bez

So we’ve got flash, wildness, skill, groove and broodiness. All we need are the glue and psychedelic drugs to hold this thing together and keep it shaking. Enter Bez of the Happy Mondays.

OK Go’s album ‘Hungry Ghosts’ is out now via Paracadute/BMG