Two Door Cinema Club, Brixton Academy, London


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“I'm majorly losing my voice”, says singer Alex Trimble after a pulsating rendition of “Settle”. It is only mid-way through Two Door Cinema Club's set at the Brixton Academy and the buoyant atmosphere built up thus far, takes a slight dip at the news.

Luckily, it is a false alarm and Trimble, spurred by the relentless audience enthusiasm, soldiers on through yet more of their upbeat catalogue.

Somehow, it seems like 2DCC have been around far longer than they actually have. Various songs such as “Undercover Martyn”, “Do you want it all?” and “This is the life” have been featured in numerous commercials, video games and even episodes of The Inbetweeners. This ubiquity has invariably created an entire unknown following, who whistle the tunes, but are probably unaware of who 2DCC even are. After opening to the newer “Sleep alone”, these three songs are played back-to-back, as if 2DCC are reminding the core fan base of what made them great in the first place.

The band's performance sidesteps any apathy and they throw everything at the audience in terms of physicality. Trimble is not the most imposing of leads, but he has the sort of humble presence which comes alive with the onset of each song. Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday, either side of him, also add to the initiative, thrashing their guitars with a synchronised thrust of shoulders and heads.

Ironically, “I can talk” gets the loudest cheer of the night, with accompanying jets of smoke spouting from the stage. It's a gimmick used throughout the night, but could just as easily have been steam from the crowd, such is their exhilaration. At the onset of the encore, huge white balloons fall from the ceiling and bounce their way around the audience, like bubbles in a gigantic beer glass. From the amount of the beverage being thrust around, out of cups held aloft by outstretched arms, it smells like one too.

“I truly am lost for words” Trimble announces to the crowd below, at the end of “what you know”. Indeed, he nearly was, but the sheer momentum of all those high tempos and catchy hooks drove him through. 2DCC can produce these memorable songs all too easily now. If they successfully diverge onto more daring musical paths, they could endure, because as exponents of energetic live indie, there are not many around who are better.