Run The Jewels shares new track ‘2100’ for everyone hurting right now

"It's war time, check your wrist"

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It's Run The Jewels season.

The rap duo shared a new track on Soundcloud Thursday, featuring BOOTS, which is meant to take some misery out of the post-election terror millions of Americans are now feeling. The song was written months ago and while it wasn’t written for the election, El-P says it seems to fit perfectly.

Listen to "2100" and read a note signed by both rappers below.

“For our friends. For our family. For everyone who is hurting or scared right now. Here is a song we wrote months ago. We weren’t planning on releasing it yet but… well it feels right, now. its about fear and its about love and its about love and its about wanting more for all of us. Its called 2100. We hope it finds you well.


Jaime and Mike"