Sir Mix-A-Lot sings 'Baby Got Back' with the Seattle Symphony

The rapper performed his famous hit with the backing of the orchestra

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As duets go, this one wouldn't have been easy to predict.

He's a rapper known for singing about his love of "big butts"; they're an internationally acclaimed symphony orchestra.

But on Saturday night Sir Mix-A-Lot and the Seattle Symphony came together for something rather special...

Sir Mix-A-Lot took to the stage at Benaroya Hall to perform a rendition of his iconic single "Baby Got Back", with the backing of Ludovic Morlot and the famous orchestra.

The show was part of the Sonic Evolution project, which aims to bridge the gap between classical music and the wealth of talent that characterises Seattle's distinguished popular music scene.

And the collaboration certainly went down well - especially when Sir Mix-A-Lot invited female audience members to join him on stage.

They graced him with a very enthusiastic response, dancing and singing along and, of course, shaking their butts.

Gabriel Prokofiev was behind the composition - the London-based composer is the founder of the Nonclassical record label.