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Fans of iconic, innovative music producer and visual artist Brian Eno can stream his new album, Drums Between the Bells, days before its official release.

US-based tech and culture magazine Wired made the entire 15-track album available as a stream on July 1.

The new album is a collaboration between Eno and Rick Holland, a poet who wrote the lyrics to the LP's tracks. The album drops on July 4 via Warp Records and will be available as a CD, a digital download, a double-vinyl album, and a two-disc version, which comes with a hardback book featuring Eno's artwork.

Wired cites the vocals, almost entirely spoken-word style, as mostly being performed by people in Eno's life, such as his accountant, a woman from his gym, and non-native speakers of English, coloring the album with an array of accents. "Under all the talking lies a tapestry of pillowy synths, minor-key melodies, chiming guitars, skittering drums, and the other sonic touches that define all of Eno's recent work," writes Wired.

Formerly a member of Roxy Music, Eno has enjoyed a long and influential career, and has produced works with David Byrne, U2, and David Bowie, just to name a few. He produced and performed on three albums by Talking Heads and produced seven albums for U2, including The Joshua Tree. His last solo album, 2010's Small Craft on a Milk Sea, was critically acclaimed.

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