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Fans of American indie band Death Cab for Cutie can stream the group’s seventh album, Codes and Keys, on the US-based National Public Radio's (NPR) website.

Available as a live stream May 22, the 11-track effort includes recent singles "Home Is a Fire" and "You Are a Tourist." Codes and Keys arrives May 30 in the UK, May 31 in the US.

The band has said the new album is not a "guitar-based record," but relies on vocals and keyboards. "It's also a true grower," reviews NPR. "Not only does Codes and Keys gain richness and depth with each exposure, but it also gets better as it rolls along."

This spring the band released two videos for the LP: "You Are a Tourist" was shot in one take, using multiple cameras, with no edits or retakes, while the clip for "Home Is a Fire" is a collaboration with famed artist Shepard Fairey in a visual journey through the grittier streets of Los Angeles, California.

The album will stream on NPR until its US release date.

Death Cab's LP Plans was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2006, and the band was nominated for Grammy Awards for their hits "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" and "I Will Possess Your Heart." Their last album, Narrow Stairs, was their first to reach No. 1 in album charts in the US.

On NPR, you can also stream American rock band My Morning Jacket's upcoming Circuital, also releasing May 30 in the UK, May 31 in the US. In addition, New York indie pop duo Cults are set to release their self-titled debut of nostalgic 1960s sounds at the same time, and NPR is streaming the full album now.

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