The Bonus Track: Billie Marten, Strand of Oaks, Randall Wulff, George Ezra


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Burberry check this out

No one likes a smart arse, but back in January 2013 we IoS music critics were asked, in the time-honoured manner, to come up with some people we thought might make it big. “Occasionally,” I wrote at the time, “you come across something so startling that you have to tell the world about it.” That something was a then 13-year-old Yorkshire-based singer-songwriter named Billie Tweddle. A year and a half and a name change later, Billie Marten is about to release her debut EP and has been spotted by Christopher Bailey at Burberry. Watch Marten’s incredible rendition of “Ribbon”, recorded for the fashion label

From little acorns

Before Heal, Strand of Oaks favoured a gentler approach, never better demonstrated than on the 2010 album Pope Killdragon. Now I’m not saying that “Daniel’s Blues” is the saddest song ever recorded, but it’s definitely the saddest song ever recorded about ­Ghostbusters. Listen for yourself

Cry Wulff!

The ever-excellent Light in the Attic label continues to unearth lost gems. But while the label would love (as is its form) to give us the full back-story behind its latest find – L’Amour, a 1983 album by someone called Lewis – the truth is that years of trying to track down the man behind the album (real name: Randall Wulff, apparently), have so far remained fruitless. “We have put Lewis’s share of the profits in escrow if he should arise,” it says on the liner notes. Listen to the ridiculously lovely “I Thought the World of You”

Next week’s biggie …

He came fifth in the BBC’s Sound of 2014 poll, but does George Ezra’s debut album, Wanted on Voyage, live up to the expectation? Watch the video for his current single (and top 10 hit) “Budapest”