The Bonus Track: Hazel O’Connor, Elton John, Haim, Cash + David, Elbow


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I love the sound of…

Sometimes an artist’s initial impact can be so indelible as to ensure they never fully shake its shackles. And so it is with Hazel O’Connor, who – in spite of touring a show called Beyond Breaking Glass – is still best remembered as Kate in the 1980 post-punk classic Breaking Glass. These days, O’Connor sings in a jazzy all-female trio (new album Here She Comes! out tomorrow). But some of us will always remember her for “Will You” and “Eighth Day”


Duet of the week

Elton John past it, you say? It might at times feel that way these days, but then he’ll always go and do something to remind you of those golden hits of yesteryear. This time, it’s in the form of “ I Wish We Were Leaving”, a duet with the always lovely Bright Light Bright Light


In the mood for dancing

Aside from the ubiquitous twerking, the problem with most modern pop videos is that there’s not enough dancing. So congratulations to Haim (“If I Could Change Your Mind”) and the intriguing new duo Cash + David (“Funn”) for ­sensationally bucking that trend


Next week’s biggie …

Kevin Harley reviews Elbow’s The Take Off and Landing of Everything. Watch the video for the single “New York Morning”