The Bonus Track: Millers Daughter, Luluc, Mat Motte, Jake Isaac, Manic Street Preachers


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The millers’ tale

Identical twins account for about one in every 285 births in the UK. Mirror-image twins make up about 25 per cent of those. So it’s safe to say that the ­phenomenon is pretty rare and the ­likelihood of mirror twins with country-pop credentials even rarer. Which is a long way of introducing Christie and Louise Miller, the one’s-left-handed-one’s-right-handed duo from Stonehenge known as Millers Daughter. Debut album So Hollywood is out in the autumn. Watch the video for “Since You Left”

New way to blue

Not had enough Nick Drake yet? In that case you might be interested to know that Luluc, the duo who contributed three songs to 2011’s Joe Boyd Presents Way to Blue, are about to release Passerby, their first album to be made available outside Australia. Never ones to hide their twin musical inspirations (Drake and Gillian Welch), watch Luluc perform “Gillian”

Motte the screwball

His band is called “the People That Hate Him” and he is described as “a one-off in a music world populated by copy-cat opportunists”. So Mat Motte better be good, right? Fortunately for the former frontman of indie-pop trio Mower, the upcoming “Summer Song” is sort of, kind of ­brilliantly bonkers. Watch the “video teaser”


God only knows

Watch out for much-touted “south London singer-songwriter Jake Isaac” (whose “War Child” EP is out next week). One question, though: why does none of the press material or “star of BBC ­Introducing” bumph mention his past as a gospel singer of some distinction? Watch the video for “Long Road”

Next week’s biggie

Kevin Harley reviews the new Manic Street Preachers album Futurology. Watch the video for “Walk Me to the Bridge” at the Bonus Track web page.