The Bonus Track: Misty Miller, Benjamin Booker, Cambodia Space Project, Robyn Hitchcock


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Miller’s crossing

Gosh. Don’t things change quickly when you’re young? Back in 2011, the then 16-year-old Misty Miller was being touted as “more Katie Melua than Kate Nash”. Now, the sell is that Miller is “hewn from the same musical lineage as Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Debbie Harry, PJ Harvey, Courtney Love and Chrissie Hynde. Either way, you gotta love the ­B-movie schlock-horror of the video for her new single “Taxi Cab”. Watch it, but not if you’ve got to take a night bus any time soon

The Booker prize

In the market for a blues-inspired guitarist whose band consists of just him and a drummer? Funny you should ask because the new kid on the block is 22-year-old New Orleans-based Benjamin Booker who – the ultimate for such acts, this – has been “hand-picked” to open for Jack White on dates across the States next month. Booker’s just signed to Rough Trade and his first album follows in August. See what the excitement’s about

Watch this space

As a guitarist in the Motown house band the Funk Brothers, Dennis Coffey has played on a few records you might be familiar with (“War”, “Ball of ­Confusion” and  “Psychedelic Shack” to name three). But Coffey’s latest work sees him backing Srey Thy, a female singer who, a few years ago, was singing karaoke in a Phnom Penh bar. Weird, but then so is the music of the Cambodia Space Project

Hitchcock presents…

“I’ve always wanted to make a folk record produced by Joe Boyd, and now I have. Thank you, universe.” The words of Robyn Hitchcock, whose resulting album, The Man Upstairs, is out in August. Listen to “The Ghost in You”