The Bonus Track: Röyksopp and Robyn, Brian Eno, Green Man, Kongos, Black Keys


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Scandi crush

As you might have read in our ­“Summer Arts Survival Guide” (see page two, Arts & Books), the new Röyksopp and Robyn mini album (out 2 June) is rather good. And the joy does not end there, as the “Scandi heroes” head out on the road this summer. There’s a thumping promo video for the tour, too


Life of Brian

It’s been more than 40 years since Brian Eno quit Roxy Music, and little of the music he has released since has involved working with a band. Which could go some way to explaining why the pioneer of electronica looks like he’s having so much fun in a video just released of rehearsals “exploring the potential of Someday World [his album with ­Underworld’s Karl Hyde, out tomorrow] songs in the live setting”.


Feeling festive

We have probably reached peak boutique festival by now (and possibly peak “peak”, too, but we digress), but I still have a soft spot for The Green Man – for one, because I caught Joanna Newsom there in 2005, and for two because Bill Callahan is playing the festival this summer. On top of that, there’s a lovely short Super 8 film of last year’s Green Man to get you in the mood.


The next step

For ever known for his 1971 hit “He’s Gonna Step on You Again”, John Kongos now has another claim to fame: his four sons, known collectively as the Kongos, have been creating quite a stir in the US recently. Ahead of the band’s UK launch next month, watch the video for the all-conquering “Come With Me Now”

Next week’s biggie…

Kevin Harley reviews the Black Keys’ Turn Blue. Watch the band’s recent performance of “Fever” on Later…