The Bonus Track: Cale Tyson, Rae Morris, Jake Thackray, Taylor Swift


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Moan of the moment

The old soul in a young body thing has been having a moment since Amy ­Winehouse walked among us, and now it seems to have spread ­seamlessly from soul to country. First came ­Canadian Daniel Romano and now the ranks are swelled by the 23-year-old Texan Cale Tyson, who seems to have ­inherited the increasingly rare talent to country yodel”. He’s embarking on his first ­European tour next spring and his debut EP, “High on Lonesome”, is out next week. One to watch, as Rolling Stone ­magazine recently agreed. Hear “Old Time Blues” uk/bonustrack.

Rae of hope

It is that time of year when music critics get asked who they think might be big next year. The process has become ­something of an exercise in ­manufacturing consent in recent years, so here’s a prediction: Rae Morris will feature prominently on practically every list you care to read in the coming months. I know this for two reasons: 1) she is a “major priority” for a major label and 2) she is actually rather good. Watch the video for new single “Closer”


Return of the Thack

It is somewhat depressing that the publicity for an about-to-be-released DVD of the ­inimitable Jake Thackray feels it has to state the fact that he is an infleunce on the Courteeners: something like a Bill Hicks DVD having a quote from Michael McIntyre on the cover. Sigh. Still, it does at least give us an excuse to point out that Thackray’s classic BBC series from 1981 has now been collected on one magnificent disc. Watch “Lah Di Dah”

Next week’s biggie

Kevin Harley undergoes ­stringent security checks for the chance to grab a swift listen to the new Taylor Swift album, 1989, in the hotel room of her manager (true story). Listen to “Out of the Woods”