Thom Yorke performs new Radiohead song

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During a solo performance at England's Big Chill Festival on August 6, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke performed a track he a called "a new Radiohead song." A clip has since emerged of what may be the band's first new music in a year.

"Give Up the Ghost," the "new" song, has in fact been played by Yorke in previous solo sets, but the Big Chill performance marks the first time he has linked it to Radiohead. Yorke uses a system of looping for the track, recording himself tapping on a microphone and singing bits of melody to accompany his live singing and guitar-playing through the rest of the song.

Radiohead has reportedly been in the studio for much of 2010 working on a follow-up to 2007 album In Rainbows, which debuted at number one US, UK, and several other album charts.

In August 2009, Radiohead released two new recorded songs, "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)"and "These re My Twisted Words," both of which can be downloaded from the band's website.

Watch Thom Yorke perform "Give Up the Ghost":

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