Travel to the Isle of Wight Festival with 'green' car pool site

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This year the organizers behind the Isle of Wight Festival are encouraging attendees to share their travel plans, find a friend and lower the carbon footprint of their transportation by using the FestivalBUDI scheme.

Despite the Isle of Wight Festival's smaller size -around 43,000 people in 2009- it is one of the best known in the United Kingdom, and the lineup rivals that of bigger UK festival such as Glastonbury or Reading & Leeds.  

This year the lineup over June 10-12 includes bands such as Kings of Leon, Pulp, Foo Fighters, Kasabian and Liam Gallagher's latest project - Beady Eye.

With fans traveling from around the United Kingdom and from further afield, the festival has implemented a ride-sharing scheme designed to reduce the carbon footprint associated with travellng.

Called FestivalBUDI the site is designed to link travelers together and encourages car- or ride-sharing.  

To use the site, festival attendees simply register their journey, search for matches and contact those whom they wish to share a ride with; once the sender has received a reply they confirm they are sharing and can then print out a FestivalBUDI parking permit. For more information see

In addition to this green initiative, the festival is also advertising for visitors to make use of the coach service run by Southern Vectis especially for the festival - see for more details.  

Local and national train services are also available, see local operators for details.

Music festivals around the world are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, last year the A Greener Festival Awards honored the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennesse, USA (this year June 9-12), Croissant Neuf Summer Party in the UK (this year August 12-14) and others for their "outstanding" environmental efforts.

The results of the fifth annual A Greener Festival Awards by voluntary organization will be announced later this year after the close of the summer festival season.