Two massive Europeans music festivals open gates

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As Glastonbury Festival draws to a close, two of Europe's largest and longest-standing music festivals unfurl their flags, attracting tens of thousands of music lovers to see sets by the Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon.

Both festivals will take place from June 30 to July 3, with the campgrounds open for warm-up events that run from June 26 until the start of each festival.

Now in its 41st year, Denmark's Roskilde Festival will draw more than 80,000 concertgoers to see some 180 performing bands. Music is the main focus, but the event offers a range of art and cultural events as well. Top acts for 2011 are Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden, Kings of Leon, Mastodon, TV on the Radio, M.I.A., PJ Harvey, and The Strokes.

Standard tickets are sold out, but you can still purchase tickets via a Get A Tent package, which comes with a pitched tent, hot showers, and access to the festival. A two-person tent plus entrance to the festival is about €308.

In Werchter, Belgium, Rock Werchter will kick off its 37th year as one of the continent's top rock events with some 110,000 pouring in through the gates, and 80,000 staying for all four days. 2011 top acts include Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Bruno Mars, Ke$ha, Arctic Monkeys, PJ Harvey, Portishead, and others.

A four-day festival ticket is priced at €195. One-day tickets are available for €76. The festival's website announced on June 22 that the event is almost sold out with only Sunday tickets and four-day passes available. For those not attending, you can stream a number of concerts via the Rock Werchter website. Stay tuned to the event website in coming days as more details become announced.

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