Upbeat: Travel agents

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THE BRITISH Association of Concert Agents has unveiled a potential Bible for performing arts organisations: the BACA International Guide, designed for the use of anyone with an interest in touring, or organising tours, outside their home territory. It steers through the minefields of tax regulations, contracts, visas, carnets, and broadcast and royalty entitlements, in over 35 countries, and covers up-to-date material on the often bewildering changes in eastern Europe.

Replacing a 1987 version, this edition represents some six months' work on the part of leading city accountants Touche Ross and the legal firm Taylor Joynson Garrett, both of which run specialities in the entertainment field. The guide has received the imprimatur of the government-funded Visiting Arts organisation. Price pounds 70 ('A snip,' says BACA executive director Thomas Ponsonby): details on 071-243 2598.