Weekly top tracks on Last.fm: Ke$ha rejoins Lady Gaga in the lead

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Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" and "Poker Face" and Ke$ha's "TiK ToK" are the top three tracks among users of Last.fm, the internet radio station that lets users in more than 200 countries listen to tracks in the site's music library. Among the most hyped tracks for the week ending March 28 were three singles by English singer/songwriter Laura Marling.

"Bad Romance" holds onto a long reign as Last.fm's top track. "TiK ToK" and "Poker Face" both had slightly fewer listeners than they did the previous week, these long-standing favorites experienced less of a drop-off than Gorillaz tracks "Rhinestone Eyes" and "Melancholy Hill," which held second and third place last week following the release of the Gorillaz album Plastic Beach. Those tracks have settled into fourth and eighth place three weeks after the album's official release.

New to the top ten is MGMT's "Kids," off the Brooklyn indie duo's debut album Oracular Spectacular. That track is likely experiencing a surge in popularity in anticipation of the release of follow-up album Congratulations, which is due out officially on April 13 and can now be streamed on the band's website.

Last.fm's top tracks from March 14 to 28:

1. Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance" (44,471 listeners)
2. Ke$ha - "TiK ToK" (30,802 listeners) (+2)
3. Lady Gaga - "Poker Face" (30,191 listeners) (+2)
4. Gorillaz - "Rhinestone Eyes" (28,508 listeners) (-2)
5. Owl City - "Fireflies" (28,353 listeners) (+2)
6 Lady Gaga - "Paparazzi" (27,282 listeners) (unchanged)
7. MGMT - "Kids" (26,729 listeners) (+4)
8. Gorillaz - "On Melancholy Hill" (25,905 listeners) (-5)
9. The xx - "Crystalised" (25,010 listeners) (+1)
10. Lady Gaga - "Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)" (24,036 listeners) (-1)

Among Last.fm's hyped tracks - those that experienced the highest percentage increase in listeners - are three singles by Laura Marling, whose new album I Speak Before I Can was the tenth top-selling album in March on Amazon.co.uk. Goldfrapp's "Alive," from the English electronic duo's new album Head First, is also among hyped tracks. 

Last.fm's most hyped  tracks of March 14 to 28:

1. Laura Marling - "Alpha Shallows" (+ 4,179% to 11,047 listeners)
2. Goldfrapp - "Alive" (+3,025% to 15,759 listeners)
3. Laura Marling - "Devil's Spoke" (+2,645% to 12,293 listeners)
4. The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Chinese Whispers" (+2,436% to 8,459 listeners)
5. Laura Marling - "Blackberry Stone" (+2,310% to 14,984 listeners)

Last.fm claims more than 30 million active users based in more than 200 countries. Available in 12 languages, the site's radio service is free for users in the UK, the US, Ireland, and Germany, elsewhere, a subscription costs €3.00 per month. Last.fm's charts measure everything its users listen to using on the Last.fm website as well as hundreds of other music sites and services, including iTunes, Spotify, and The Hype Machine.