My Week: Bianca O'Brien

Bianca O'Brien Fashion Model
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Today is my second day of castings for London Fashion Week. My dad has agreed to drive me around London, which is lucky because my ankle is swollen. I injured myself walking in tight-fitting, metal high heels on an uneven floor. My first casting is for John Rocha in Bond Street. Dad says he's going to wait in the car, but ends up in the pub. I have to walk up and down and try on clothes. I am in there for about four hours, this is a good sign, it means they probably like me.

Next I'm off to my agency, Select Model Management to meet Elspeth Gibson, followed by a casting with Markus Lupfer.

I get home at about 6pm and have dinner with my family. I've only been modelling for four months and usually wear flip flops and trainers. I borrow some of my sister's high heels and practise walking around the house and taking the rubbish out.


I am studying for A-levels in history, business studies and media, and an AS in English. I go to college for lessons and also to talk about rearranging some of my subjects to fit in around my modelling. In the afternoon I have castings for Workers for Freedom at Hyde Park Corner, Valentino in Knightsbridge and Burberry in Haymarket. I have lunch with a friend at Bella Pasta. I have a big plate of penne bolognese, side salad, coke and a big chocolate dessert. I'm lucky because I can eat a lot without putting on weight. I could do with a personal trainer, I'm a bit lazy and should tone up more.


My first show is the Nothing, Nothing show. I wear a white tank dress with cut-out pink flowers and a long, cream, woollen dress with a cow neck. I get to wear flat shoes, which is good because my ankle is swelling up. The stylist is very apologetic. "Your hair is in such good condition, I'm really sorry I have to do this." She uses about three cans of hair- spray, leaving my hair straight on one side and completely wrecked on the other.

I manage to microwave my dinner before collapsing on the sofa. I wash and condition my hair three times to get rid of all the hair-spray and get to bed around 1am.


I wake up to discover my ankle is very swollen and quite painful. I get to Select for 9am to meet up with the camera crew from Channel 5's Exclusive TV. They are following me around all day. I'm really scared at first but soon get used to them popping up and asking me how I'm feeling.

My first show of the day is the Clements Ribeiro in Brick Lane. It's very hectic, the audience are sitting on one side of the stage, so all the make-up has to be in profile. I have big green eyes, it makes me look like a bit of a freak, but is still cool. I am approached by a French lady who wants me to take part in Paris Fashion Week.

I am feeling really in awe of Erin O'Connor [a leading model]. She introduces herself and is really lovely. It's really good fun but I have to wear high heels and am in a lot of pain.

The show finishes late and I have to be rushed to the John Rocha show by motorbike . It's raining heavily and I arrive totally soaked and late. Luckily they are really chilled out and wash my hair and put it into knots. The clothes and make-up are really feminine which is lovely.

My sister and two friends arrive. They all pretend to be family and are allowed into the show. Outside, a photographer comes up to my friend Hannah and myself, he says he wants to take pictures of some "normal" people, he's bored with models. I tell him that I'm a model but he's only messing around. I have Ben and Jerry's ice cream on my way to a fitting for Shelley Fox. It doesn't finish until 10pm and I'm starving. They take pity on me and give me some bananas and biscuits.


I head to Holborn for the Shelley Fox show. I read Metro over someone's shoulder. I'm surprised to see that Giselle [the model] has walked out of her agency. I get my hair, make-up and nails done and read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley while I wait around. In the afternoon it's the Tracey Boyd show, the clothes are gorgeous, really feminine, quirky but wearable. I have a nice girlie night in with my friend Hannah.


Another busy day, rushing around to the Fintan Walshe show. My ankle definitely needs a rest. I get home and have to pack, as I'm off to Milan tomorrow for more shows. I've had a fun week and have had the opportunity to do things that most 17-year-olds wouldn't get a chance to do.