My Week: Craig Kelly, Who Plays the Part of Vince Tyler in `Queer as Folk'

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A car picks me up from the flat which I share with my brother in Muswell Hill, north London. I meet up with Charlie Hunnam who plays Nathan in Queer as Folk at Channel 4, to do an interview. It's a laugh. It's my first TV interview in ages and they are very supportive.

Charlie and I then go to meet up with my brother and Michael, our PR man, for a few drinks. We go to the Coach and Horses in Soho and then to Pierre Victoire for supper. I am exhausted and have an early night.


Today I do a phone interview for Boys magazine, which is distributed in gay pubs and clubs around the country. In the afternoon I go to look at two flats that I'm thinking of buying in North London. I take my brother and his girlfriend Jackie along for a second and third opinion.

I have to get up early tomorrow to appear on This Morning so tonight I stay in and watch the telly. I'm really looking forward to meeting Richard and Judy: the programme is such an institution.


Today's the day Queer as Folk is to be broadcast and I'm up early to get a car to the studio for Richard and Judy. They are very friendly, and it's a relaxed, fun interview.

In the afternoon I make an offer on a flat. My brother, who's also an actor, comes back from work and surprises me with a bottle of champagne. Then we watch the show. It's always quite an experience to see something you're proud of on TV. Immediately it finishes the phones start ringing - both my mobile and my land line. First to call are my mum and dad; they have enjoyed the programme and are proud of me.

All my friends are absolutely amazed by the show; they love it and think it is slick and stylish. I get carried away with all the excitement and next time I look at the clock it's nearly one in the morning. I've got to do the Big Breakfast tomorrow so I turn my phone off. I really want to sleep, but can't. I listen to Moon Safari by Air. It's very mellow and eventually I drop off.


Wake up about 6am not wanting to get up. A really nice silver Jag comes to pick me up, but I can't appreciate it because I'm too tired.

I meet up with Charlie [Nathan] at the studio and have a coffee. This is the first interview after the show and I'm wondering which route they will go down in terms of attitude. Johnny Vaughan's first question is "What was the show about?" So I tell him that the show is about love, friends, and the life of three central characters who happen to be gay. I've probably said more than is expected for a first response, but the rest of the interview is fine.

I want to sleep but remember that I've got a radio voice-over to do in Soho. On my way there I go in to HMV and buy CDs by Casius, Stereophonics, Kula Shaker, the new single by Blur, and Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite and the soundtrack to Shaft.

I discover that my offer on the flat has been accepted, I'm over the moon and in bed by 9pm.


Get up at 9am to do another radio voice-over in Soho. Then the rest of today is spent with my accountant.

In the evening I go to The Church pub in Muswell Hill with some mates. Queer as Folk is reviewed on The Late Review. I expected a negative response but they all loved it, which is a nice end to the evening.


Overnight I have developed a terrible cough. I have a telephone interview for BBC Radio Leeds and hope I won't be spluttering everywhere. They try to touch on the more controversial aspects of the show but I've got used to dealing with these questions now. The rest of the day is spent sorting out the details on the house. In the evening I go to Blacks, a drinking- club in Soho, until 1am.