My Week: Nicki Lane, Miss Great Britain Universe

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Go to town to buy some make-up for the competition. I was runner-up in the Miss Cleveland regional contest last Thursday and have been entered into the Miss Great Britain Universe Pageant. I go to the gym and then have a sun-bed. I spend the evening making lists of all the things I need to get ready for the competition. I end up with three pages!


Make more lists, pack clothes, pick up a dress. I go to see my mum, who irons my evening dress. It's a very elegant black satin dress. I'm really excited about going to London, as I've never been before. I set off with my boyfriend Jonathan at about seven, and we stay with some friends in Putney. I've bought my own pillows so I can get a good night's sleep but I am so excited I can't stop tossing and turning.


The finals! Up at half seven, wash my hair, shave my legs. I wear smart clothes - a red fitted shirt and grey fitted trousers. The stage at the Hippodrome looks fantastic. I am really excited. Am assigned a dressing- room with Emma, the winner of my regional final.

Me and Emma sneak out to buy pizza and ice-cream. There's none of this stick-insect stuff for us. I never worry about my weight, I'm far too active with my dancing and going to the gym. Sometimes I eat healthily and sometimes I eat rubbish.

We practise the dance moves for the show; it's quite easy for me as I'm a dancer. They put me right at the front. It's a good start because the judges will notice me. I'm only worried about the section in the competition where I have to speak to the judges. When it comes to public speaking I go to pot.

The show starts off with a James Bond intro and then I walk out on to stage in my swimsuit while my measurements - 34-23-33 - are read out to the judges. Many of the other girls said they were professional models and I thought I wouldn't stand a chance. I'm not being bitchy, but some of them were quite short. I'm five foot nine.

When I'm asked about my hobbies and plans for the future I decide to take a different stand from the other girls. They say how much they love modelling, I talk about my dancing and my degree in physiotherapy, which I am starting in October. For me it's all fun, modelling isn't my life. My A-level work is more important.

When I find out that I have won I am in complete shock. So is my boyfriend; he stands up and practically falls over the balcony.


I sleep in and manage to miss my champagne breakfast. Then it's off to the Sound Republic club on Leicester Square. We are wined and dined while we discuss my trip to Trinidad for the world finals. I'm going in May, all expenses paid, and I'm to get pounds 3,000 of designer clothes. I'm really excited but worried about fitting in my college work.


It's back to normal life; I go to college to catch up on some work. I don't worry about my hair and make up, I hate dressing up all the time. At my dance class everyone tells me that I'm acting as if I'm not bothered. I am, but I'm not the sort of person to brag. I spend the afternoon relaxing with my boyfriend. We go for a picnic by the beach in Whitby. I have a nice bath when I get home and an early night.


I go to the gym for a two-hour session - I love sport but I'm not obsessional. I do some interviews for the local press. It's strange when you get noticed in the street. I don't really mention the contests to people unless they know about them.

In the evening I go to Club Millennium with my boyfriend. This week has gone by in a blur. I'm looking forward to seeing daylight, I've spent so much time inside.