My Week: Sylvia Moor, Wife of David Moor, GP Cleared of Murder

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Up at seven. I go for a swim and take the dogs for a walk. Today is the summing up and I give Dave a lift to court. He is very nervous. The judge spends very little time on the prosecution and more on the defence - it's sounding hopeful. By mid-afternoon, the judge announces that he will be continuing tomorrow. Everyone sighs.

We go for a meal with the family. Dave is very uptight, the legal team have told him he has a 60/40 chance of acquittal. I don't think he will be sent down.


We wait nervously while the jury are sent out. The reporter from the Newcastle Journal gives me a copy of our interview to check through. I lock myself in the lavatory to read it and nearly miss the verdict. When I see Dave standing in the dock, I feel sick. The steps to the cells are lit up as if they are preparing for him. It just looks horrible.

When the verdict is read, there is a huge cheer from everyone, including the security guards. It's very emotional, I struggle to hold back the tears.

The number of press and cameras is unbelievable. I have to give a statement and am absolutely petrified. Dave is whisked off by the legal team and I go to the pub and join the jury to celebrate.

It's bedlam at home as I try to simultaneously record news coverage, entertain three of my aunts and answer the phone. I decide my yoga class is a vital escape. I return and find Dave has volunteered me for a Radio Four interview tomorrow.


The Newcastle Chronicle arrives at eight to photograph us on out first day of freedom. The morning is spent wading through the newspapers. A colleague from work calls. I have forgotten that I was supposed to be working. She is not happy. Everyone cheers when I go to my line dancing class. It is fantastic


I return from Keep Fit to find Dave wearing his pale suit and a colourful bow tie. My heart sinks, he hasn't dressed like this since he got arrested. I can't bear it. I decide to avoid the cameras and opt for a chatty lunch with friends.


Go for a swim at seven. We have had bottles of champagne, flowers and hundreds of cards sent. I spend the day arranging flowers and cleaning my neglected house.