Natacha Atlas

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Since making her mark on the superb Trans-Global Underground album Dream of 100 Nations in 1993, the Egyptian-Palestinian-Jewish singer and belly-dancer Natacha Atlas (right) has used her rich vocals to build a strong solo career. After touring last year with Page & Plant, this one-off show will include much new material from Gedida, her third solo album, which further refines and expands her vision of fusing the Arabic music of North Africa with the technological grooves of Western dance culture. The album should prove a springboard for success in the UK from her current word-of-mouth status, and "One Brief Moment", the first single from the album, should bring her radio play and the same success she enjoys in France and her current home of Egypt.

Improv Theatre, London W1 (0171-387 2414) Wed. `Gedida' is released through Beggars Banquet on 22 Feb

Tim Perry