Net Gains: A website for your eyes only

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As recent a James Bond memorabilia auction at Christie's showed - where Oddjob's lethal bowler hat from Goldfinger was sold for pounds 62,000 - Ian Fleming's misogynistic cold warrior has never really been out of fashion. However, Bond has never shown interest in the Internet, and it has yet to feature in a Bond movie.

There are, however, plenty of amateur Bond sites kicking around. My favourite is Universal Exports, a massively comprehensive, if a little whimsical site which provides the range and breadth of detail which only the really fanatical can produce. One of the site's best moments is its list of James Bond Firsts. Where else could you discover that The Man with the Golden Gun featured: the first character with three nipples; the first time Bond is unhappy to see the Bond girl; the first (and only) time he drinks Phuyuck; the first appearance of Maud Adams; the first time M barks at Q to shut- up; the first stunt ruined by a corny sound effect; and the first Bond movie to have no relation to a book?