Net Gains: It's all downhill from here

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Emap, the publisher, has updated its skiing site with new information on Europe and North America. The site's claim that skiing is no longer a seasonal past-time, but an all-year-round one is rather strained, but it does hope to provide extremely up-to-date price and availability information for a wide number of resorts.


Home page

anybody when an agency runs a credit check, I always have to suppress a twinge of panic. For people who do get into mortgage difficulties, the Home Repossession Page is an attempt to address issues which are often left unexplored by mainstream media. The page's philosophy is that: "You are responsible for your debts. But where you think a lender has sold your mortgaged home below its value and is chasing you for the shortfall, you should have the right to question its claim without facing intimidation, demands for more money or legal threats." It is a goldmine of information, including revelations about the habits of some mortgage lenders. Some, for example, put people who have fallen into arrears in contact with debt counsellors who then gather information about the debtors for the lenders. The site also shows that 2 per cent of people have been involved in a home repossession since 1986 and that more than 110,000 homes have been reposessed since January 1996.