Net gains: Sites of the week

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Newt Gingrich inspires the same love/hate responses as Margaret Thatcher used to do over here. There are plenty of Newt hate pages currently gloating themselves silly over his fall. This one, "What's Newt", is thinking of changing its name to "The Decline and Fall of Newt". rajib/tour/

We have a skewed view of Bangladesh as a country of floods, starvation and internal strife. But it remains a favourite tourist destination with many people. This website is an excellent starting point for prospective tourists, giving another picture of the country. chellec/

This is the self-styled canonical list of weird band names and it's exactly what it says it is. Alphabetically from "A Box of Fish With Tartar Sauce" through the "Rubber Nipple Salesmen" to the "Zulu Leprechauns". There's also a link to every band that has an active web page. Surreal but diverting.