Net gains: Sites of the week

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You may not be feeling ready for it yet, but after Christmas, when the bathroom scales tell you what you didn't want to know, you could do much worse than head here. It's a comprehensive site and very well-designed with a strong section on health, diet and nutrition. WordPlays/insultfp.html

The best lines from history always seem to be the great put-downs. This page, dedicated to "celebrities who weren't afraid to speak their mind", has many examples. My favourite? Clive James's quip about Arnold Schwarzenegger: "He looks like a condom full of walnuts." individual/pakin/ complaint

Fill in the name of somebody you don't like and this program will generate a letter of complaint about them. Actually, all it produces is some rather convincing gibberish, but it's good enough to annoy anybody you actually send one to.