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Requiem HHHHH

PC-CD Rom This month Ubi Soft have released their new 3D shoot- em-up, Requiem: Avenging Angel. The game has amazing 3D environments, ugly monsters to kill, and loads of weapons to collect. Setting it apart from the rest, Requiem is the first biblical shoot-em-up to date, as you, Malachi, have to save Earth from the fallen Angels. With incredible graphics and terrifying gameplay, this is a classic.

Ubi Soft, out now, pounds 29.99

Gex: Undercover Gecko HHH

PlayStation Following the success of his first outing, Eidos' cute superhero, Gex, is back for some more fun-filled action in Gex: Undercover Gecko. The game takes you, the player, through level upon level of jumping, running and smashing around a fantasy world, the Media Dimension. Taking on the role of Gex, it is your job to rescue Agent Xtra from the evil clutches of Rez. Captures the imagination for a while.

Eidos, out now, pounds 39.99

Uefa Champions' League HHH

PlayStation Following Man Utd's European Cup win over Juventus, Eidos are offering you the chance to recreate some of the great European showdowns in their new release, Uefa Champions' League. Players can either play in this season's tournament, or replay matches from the past. The graphics are very accurate; however the gameplay leaves a little to be desired. Even so, it should prove addictive for true fans.

Eidos, out now, pounds 39.99

Actua Ice Hockey 2 HHHH

PlayStation Ice hockey has become increasingly popular in Britain, and as a result, Gremlin have released the second generation of Ice Hockey games with Actua Ice Hockey 2. It's bigger and better than its preceding title - faster, smarter graphics, updated team rosters, and new features to keep you entertained (like coaching and one-on-one fights). Continues the success of the Actua Sports series.

Gremlin, pounds 39.99, pounds 39.99