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Speed Devils HHHH

Dreamcast The latest racing game for this platform is Speed Devils by Ubi Soft. It puts you in the middle of some fast and furious Gran Turismo- style racing action, hammering through various themed tracks on a quest to earn cash and upgrade your vehicle. With typically smooth graphics, some fully interactive backdrops, and a lot of very cool effects, this game is hopefully a taste of more good things to come.

Ubi Soft, out now, pounds 39.99

Nocturne HHHH

PC CD ROM In Take 2's third person perspective action game, you take the role of Stranger, who works for a secret government agency. Your task is to hunt down and destroy the forces of evil that lurk in a world based on 1930s America. With an unusual half-vampire sidekick, ugly monsters, deadly weapons, and a deeply involving plot, Nocturne is likely to keep most gamers glued the edge of their seats.

Take 2, out now, pounds 29.99

Grand Theft Auto HHHH

Game Boy Colour The all-conquering hand-held Gameboy now has a version of the all-conquering Grand Theft Auto. GTA is one player, top- down perspective action game which puts you in the shoes of a wannabe gangster who has to prove himself as a criminal mastermind. With a variety of missions ranging from being a getaway driver to planting bombs, this is a challenging, irreverent title that you won't tire of easily.

Take 2, out now, pounds 19.99

Fifa 2000 HHHHH

PC CD ROM This, the latest version of Fifa 2000, has all the fast- paced, accurate gameplay that was seen on the PlayStation, but adds smoother, more detailed graphics. With the bonus of a mouse to help you navigate through the game's menus, and the inclusion of classic matches, as well as the obligatory LAN and Internet multiplayer options, Fifa 2000 on the PC is perhaps the best Fifa title to date.

Electronic Arts, out now, pounds 29.99